Three Sure Signs a Fairy Visited

One morning this summer I was outside with the kids and Grace (7 yrs) stopped in her tracks to look at a spider web that was delicately holding dew drops. “A fairy was here!” she shouted. We ran over to check it out and and her sister Abigail (4 yrs) was in awe. They were convinced it was the marking of a water fairy.

“How do you know it was a fairy?” I asked her.

“I just know,” she told me.

I asked her what are the other signs a fairy may leave behind in the yard. She had three sure signs to look for.

#1. Look for morning dew drops

#2. Tiny tools left behind in the yard

#3. If you find glitter in the yard — fairy.

It was the sweetest thing to see their excitement and intrigue with nature.



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