Mint Tea for Two

My daughters and I love to snack on fresh mint from the garden. We love it so much, we have it growing in areas we walk by often – on the way to the play set, in a pot near the fairy garden, and potted near the garden entrance.

At the end of the summer my four-year-old daughter Abigail was especially sad the mint would soon be gone. Then, we had a great idea – let’s make mint tea!

We picked all of the mint leaves we could find and brought them in the house to wash them. Abigail was the perfect age to help with this type of project. She loves mint tea so why not show her how it’s made!

Once all of the leaves were washed she helped me lay out the mint leaves on the trays of our dehydrator. Waiting was the hardest part of this entire project.

After just a few hours the mint was done and we were ready for the taste test. I didn’t have a tea infuser so we improvised and used cheese cloth tied with some kitchen twine.

Abigail was the first to try it, and her review was one thump up, one thumb down. I think she expected a stronger mint flavor. The mildness surprised me too, but with a little maple syrup it was still delicious!

A tip if you’re growing mint – consider keeping it contained in a pot because it will spread. You can also cut the bottom off of a plastic pot, dig a hole and set the pot into the ground so the top of the soil is even with the ground. The mint can still seep out into the garden eventually, but the benefit is that the soil doesn’t dry out as quickly as an above ground pot.


Tea for Two


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