2 ways to add magic to the garden

I’d like to think my kids want to be in the garden because it’s beautiful, relaxing and full of healthy snacks.

Reality check — they’re kids. They would rather play on their swings or on the opposite side of the yard where I can’t see them — and then yell “Mommy!” every five minutes.

I decided to attempt to make the garden magical so they would actually want to be there with me.

Step 1: I found a used playhouse at a yard sale for $40. They helped me clean and stain it and choose where to place it in the garden. It even has a flower box on the side and a small “sink” inside!

The girls like to set-up shop inside and pretended to sell vegetables to anyone who visited the garden. Their own farmers market!

Step 2: Fairies. What little girl is not obsessed with fairy gardens? This spring the Easter Bunny brought fairy houses and accessories for the girls to put in their gardens.

Bonus – they were excited to go into the garden in early spring while I prepped the beds for early planting (win for me).
It was interesting to see how their gardens reflected their age and personality. Grace (6) insisted on a mat under the garden so things didn’t get dirty. I found a fiber lining that is used to line a hanging flower pot and, voila, the fairies have a clean garden (and a pool). Moss from a nearby rock made for great carpeting!

Abigail (4) tossed everything into the dirt, shuffled things around a few times and called it done.

They check on the gardens periodically to see if things have been moved — which they say is a clear sign that a fairy has visited their garden.

They love to show their gardens to everyone who visits. It is these moments, when they’re giving the grand garden tour, that I am a proud mama for creating a magically garden they enjoy!

IMG_2025The Tidy Fairy Garden

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