Adding Grapes and an Arbor

We finally built an arbor as an entry to the garden. I drew the plans and my husband Seth helped with building. It took almost a full day to build and was just under $200 for all of the materials. This was way more affordable (and more fun) than buying a pre-made arbor!

I had the girls help me decide on the sizing and design. We went with a 4′ depth so it would be large enough to feel a bit like a room or a secret hiding place. They asked me to install some lights in the arbor, so I strung up some solar lights I picked up at Big Lots at the end of last summer.

Our local grocery store was selling grapes for $6.99 for a single plant. I picked up two seedless greed and two seedless red grapes and planted them on each side of the arbor with a mix of manure and compost. I went to the local garden center and they were charging nearly $20 for one plant!

I threw in some pole bean seeds on each side of the arbor so we get some growth at the start of the summer. We will likely see some grape vine growth, but it can take up to two years for the vines to produce grapes.

arbor2 arbor3 arbor4



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