A Magical Garden Birthday for Kids

I’m always torn between having my daughter’s birthday party at the house or finding a venue to avoid the clean-up. 

Since we love our garden area so much, I thought it would be fun to celebrate Abigail’s fourth birthday in the garden and share the experience. 

I enlisted Abigail and her big sister Grace to help pick-out the decorations. We decided on a brightly colored theme with chevron, stripes and polka dots. Thank goodness for Amazon where we found almost everything we needed for decor.

We sent Abigail away with Nana on party day so we could set-up and make it a bit of a surprise. We set-up the party right in the vegetable garden where we had left room for parties and social events.Garden party table setting

We went with a classic white table cloth and picked out a variety of colorful chevron patterned paper place mats for color. I also found terrific paper baking cups that came in great, bright patterns. These made for perfect snack cups for the kids.

We couldn’t decide on party favors so we made two. The first we called a “treasure ball”, an individualized pinata to avoid having any kids get knocked out whacking a large pinata. We made these a few weeks prior so they would have time to dry. We wrapped them in brightly colored tissue paper and put candy and treats inside. The kids LOVED smashing their own treasures out.

The second favor was a vase with flowers the girls cut from our garden. I went to the dollar store and picked-up some smooth jars so we could put tape on them. We used bright, patterned scotch tape and striped the jars to brighten them up for the table. They looked beautiful!

Abigail’s reaction when she arrived was priceless – she was thrilled!

Possibly my favorite part of the day was watching Abigail give her friends a tour of the garden and showing them what they could eat. The menu included scallions, tiny carrots, mint, and lettuce. She was also pretty thrilled to show them her fairy garden!

Abigail had a great birthday and was so proud to share her garden. Grace was also really happy that everyone loved her decorations.

A lot of people asked me where we bought the decorations because they liked the bright colors.  I put together a shop in Amazon so you can see the materials and colors. Of course, some of this you could likely find locally. With the exception of the glassware and helium tank, I found it easier to order most of the supplies online.

You’ll notice that the quantities for some of these items are higher than you might need. Here’s a thought – find someone else who likes the same decor and you can split the order and the cost.

If you go with this decor, please be sure to share a photo. Happy gardening!



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